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LDR is your partner for rapid response to any crisis, accident, or weather event. Our nationwide Emergency Services team is on call & ready to deliver fast solutions—around the clock.

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Your Go-To for When Things Go Wrong

Got a crisis on your hands? Get in touch with our Emergency Services team for help. Available 24/7 nationwide, even in an emergency.




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Prepared for Anything: See How We Respond in Emergencies

If we know anything about overseeing large projects, it’s that surprises are almost always unwelcome. From emergency dumpster delivery to urgent waste removal, our team has the location-specific connections needed to deliver what you need ASAP. Check out these real-world examples of our emergency services in action.

Don’t Panic
We’ve handled thousands of scenarios
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Ready when you need us: we show up in emergencies

Emergency Response For Extreme Weather

LDR’s national footprint has given us unrivaled experience in storm preparation, aid, & recovery. Whether it’s a flood, hurricane, tornado, or blizzard, we know how to navigate challenging logistics & deliver emergency equipment & services to disaster zones.

Rapid Hurricane Recovery

Keep Calm in a Storm: Hurricane Response

What happens when a hurricane rolls in and one of your stores can’t open? Thanks to our nationwide partner network, our team can not only help with onsite services, but bring in resources from other cities in the area to restore operations ASAP.

Retail Emergency Services

Seamless Support for Floods, Leaks, & Outages

When a burst pipe, gas leak, or power shortage threatens your facilities & workers, count on LDR. We’ll show up & clean up fast, so you can open & resume operations ASAP.

Immediate Facilities Rescue

Stay Afloat When the Pipes Burst: Facilities Emergencies

Retail Emergency Services

You get a 3:00 A.M. text saying there’s a foot of standing water in one of your key facilities. Burst pipes, gas leaks, power outages—count on our team to show up and clean up fast, so you can get back on track in a hurry.


Removing the Pain From Product Recalls

LDR has extensive experience with every step of the product recall process, from loss mitigation to facility cleanup to disposal of hazardous materials. Salvage your inventory & protect your employees with LDR’s specialized services & rapid fulfillment.

Emergency Product Recalls
Efficient Product Recall Management

Clear Inventory and Keep On: Product Recalls

Emergency Product Recalls

One of your suppliers just issued a nationwide recall—for a product you stock in more than 400 stores across the country. Rely on us to coordinate dumpster delivery to every location within 48 hours, so you can pull and remove the recalled products fast—without extended downtime or disruption.


Emergency Services for Any Scenario

LDR provides a solution for every emergency need & delivers at unrivaled speed.

Waste Management

Dumpsters, hazardous disposal, grease removal, & cleanup.

Portable Sanitation

ADA compliant units for toilets, sinks, showers, & laundry.

Storage Containers

Temporary storage & space, weatherproofed for disasters.

Fencing & Barricades

Lower risk, boost security, control traffic, & streamline access.

Heavy Equipment

Clear debris & demolish condemned buildings.

Lifts & Platforms

Replace lights, salvage trees, repair wires, & more.

Dumpsters & Clean-Up

Have dumpsters delivered to any site in the country, sized to your specific needs.

Portable Toilets & Sanitation

Leave the dirty work to us. No-stress portable toilet rentals nationwide.

Storage Containers

Secure, weatherproof storage, delivered fast, wherever you need it.

Temporary Fencing

Quick delivery and expert setup. Construction sites. Special events. You name it.

Material Handling

Rent specialized material handling equipment fast. Multiple options available.

Scissor Lift Rental

Find the perfect lift and have it delivered to your project site ASAP.

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Supporting Emergencies from Coast to Coast

Our expert team, available 24/7, customizes solutions for each crisis & disaster site.

Always Available

24/7 emergency response.

Trusted Expertise

Maintaining the standard you demand.

Personalized Support

Tailored solutions for all projects.


3 Steps to Seamless
Emergency Support

Immediate Quote Request

Contact us the moment an emergency arises. Our team is prepared to quickly assess options & quote the best solutions for your needs.

Rapid Coordination

Once we confirm orders, we'll mobilize our resources. Our nationwide network allows for swift action, ensuring timely delivery & maintenance.

Ongoing Support

Our commitment doesn't end with deployment. Available 24/7, we ensure continuous support through every phase of a disaster.

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Seamless Emergency Response Across the Nation

You’ll receive a same-day quote and immediate access to our extensive network of 7,500+ supplier partnerships, regardless of location.

Immediate Quote Request

Contact us the moment an emergency arises. Our team is prepared to quickly assess and quote for your urgent needs.

Rapid Coordination

Specify your requirements and we'll mobilize our resources. Our nationwide network allows for swift action, ensuring timely delivery and setup.

Ongoing Support

Our commitment doesn't end with deployment. Available 24/7, we're here for any further assistance or adjustments required, ensuring continuous support through every emergency phase.

Frequently asked questions

Your Questions Answered

LDR aims for rapid deployment, with the ability to respond to emergencies nationwide, often within hours of contact.

Specializing in a broad range of emergencies, including natural disasters, facility outages, and urgent waste removal, LDR leverages a vast network to meet any requirement.

Yes, with extensive experience and a wide network, LDR is well-equipped for major disaster recovery operations, providing everything from portable toilets to debris removal.

Through rigorous vendor vetting, ongoing training, and leveraging over a decade of experience, LDR maintains high service standards even in crisis conditions.

LDR’s combination of nationwide coverage, 24/7 availability, and a commitment to swift, effective solutions distinguishes its emergency services.

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