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Temporary Fencing Rental Services

LDR Site Services, a leading nationwide managed site services company, has been providing temporary fencing solutions for all types of construction projects and special events for years. From securing job sites to providing enclosures and barriers for street festivals, concerts, rallies, and various other kinds of outdoor events, you can count on LDR Site Services to be your single point of contact for temporary fencing for any location in the United States.

The Benefits of Renting a Temporary Fence

The construction of new or renovation of existing commercial or residential buildings, employee functions, sports events, graduation ceremonies, fairs, festivals, concerts, sales events; when you need to secure an outdoor location for any reason, a temporary fence is a wise choice. Whether you’re a property owner, a business owner, or you plan and coordinate special events, here’s a look at some of the top benefits of temporary fencing solutions.

  • Compliance. In a lot of cities, counties, and states, special events and job sites have to be secured in certain ways. If you have an upcoming project or you’re planning a special event, temporary fencing is a great way to meet the requirements in your jurisdiction. 

  • Safety. When it comes to construction projects and special events, safety is always a top priority. Temporary fencing is an ideal solution, as it’s a reliable way to prevent people, as well as animals, from entering areas where they could be exposed to dangers. Temporary fencing also protects crew members, staff, attendees, and the general public from accessing locations that could potentially be hazardous. 

  • Security. Temporary fencing is also a great way to protect job sites and special event spaces. It can prevent trespassing, prevent vandalism, and property damage, and secure expensive equipment, tools, and supplies from potential theft. 

  • Minimal disturbance. Permanent fencing can cause property damage, as the installation process involves digging and can require heavy equipment. That isn’t something you’ll need to worry about with temporary fencing, as the installation and removal process is much less invasive. 

  • Flexibility. Unlike permanent fencing, which is fixed in a stationary place once it’s installed, temporary fencing is flexible. Because temporary fencing can be designed and installed to fit the specific dimensions and configuration of any area, and since there are so many different types of temporary fencing options available, you aren’t limited; in fact, the options are virtually limitless!

  • Fast and easy installation. The installation of temporary fencing is fast and easy. Reliable and experienced companies can have a durable, well-constructed fence up and ready to use in no time!

Types of Temporary Fencing

At LDR Site Services, we can assist you with finding all types of temporary fencing to provide you with an ideal solution for your upcoming construction project or special event. The following are some of the different types of temporary fence rentals we can provide:

  • Chain link. In-ground chain link fencing is a durable, reliable, and affordable option to secure and enclose the perimeters of job sites and special event locals. The posts are driven into the ground but cause minimal disruption, and they can be installed in soil, sand, and pavement. 

  • Windscreens. Also referred to as privacy screens or scrims, windscreens are an add-on that blocks the view of a job site or special event location from passersby, which provides an additional layer of security. Additionally, as the name suggests, windscreens provide protection from the wind, as they can block out gusts and breezes, thereby preventing sand and soil from entire the space, and can help to minimize the disturbance that wind can cause to a worksite or a special event area. 

  • Panel fencing. Panel fences are the ideal choice to secure job sites and special events when the in-ground posts that chain link fencing requires are not an option. Panel fencing is comprised of sturdy and stable panel stands, which can be secured with sandbags. They’re extremely durable and are resistant to corrosion. 

  • Gates. To provide easy, yet secure entry and exit to a job site or a special event area, gates are an add-on that provides excellent value. Swing and slide gates are available in an assortment of sizes, and one or more can be installed at the ideal location to allow for easy and reliable access to the size.  

  • Barricades. When you need to safely secure restricted locations while also controlling or guiding the flow of foot or vehicular traffic, barricades are the ideal solution. Made of durable steel, the panels and frames can easily withstand the elements and harsh wear and tear, yet they’re lightweight and are easy to maneuver, so adjusting their placement and setting them up into unique configurations is a cinch.

Looking for Reliable and Affordable Temporary Fencing Solutions? 

Sporting events, sales, staff events, construction projects, concerts, parades, carnivals, festivals; whatever type of project or event you have coming up, for reliable, durable, and affordably priced temporary fencing solutions anywhere in the US, contact LDR Site Services!


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