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Storage Container Rental Services

When it comes to renting storage containers, no one makes it easier than LDR Site Services! As a leading nationwide managed site services company, we’re a single point of contact for all types of industrial and construction equipment and supplies, including storage containers. Whether you’re a foreman, a contractor, you manage construction projects, or you own and operate a business, you’re bound to need a storage container at some point. Why purchase a storage container when you can rent one from a company that offers top-quality equipment, dependable customer service, affordable rates, and on-time delivery?

Here at LDR Site Services, we take great pride in being a trusted single point of contact for the finest equipment, including portable storage containers. Our team of certified, professionally trained, and highly experienced employees is dedicated to meeting the needs and exceeding the expectations of the clients that we serve, and we always go the extra mile to outshine the competition. That’s why, when construction professionals and business owners are in need of storage rental services, they don’t bother with the rest; they contact the best: LDR Site Services!

Reasons to Rent a Storage Container

If your storage needs to change on a regular basis or if you’re going to be working on a one-time project, buying your own storage container probably isn’t the right choice for you. A storage container is a big investment and requires a lot of upfront capital. Plus, due to the size, even the smallest containers require a lot of space to store when they aren’t in use. Furthermore – and believe it or not – a container has to be properly maintained in order to ensure that it remains in good condition so that it will continue to provide reliable, secure storage space for whatever it is that you need it to hold.

When you take all of the above-mentioned factors into consideration, purchasing a storage container really doesn’t make a whole lot of sense – but renting one definitely does! The following are just some of the top benefits of renting a container for your storage needs.

  • Easy setup. You won’t need a foundation to set up a rental storage container, which means that setting one up at a temporary site is super quick and easy. Since they are so sturdy and durable, these containers can support pretty much anything you toss in them with virtually no setup required. As soon as the container is dropped off, you can start using it right away!

  • Exceptionally secure. Storage containers are extremely secure. They’re made of exceptionally durable materials and are masterfully assembled, thereby providing a highly secure storage solution. Because they’re constructed completely of steel, storage containers are air-tight and pest-resistant, and they’re much more secure than other types of temporary storage solutions, such as containers or structures that are made of plastic or wood, as well as fencing. 

  • Flexible storage solutions. If your storage needs vary from project to project, renting a container is a much better option than purchasing one. Why? Well, because you aren’t locked into a size. For instance, there may be times when you need more storage space than the container you own can hold. In this type of situation, what do you do? You’ll end up having to rent a storage container anyway! Rather than locking yourself into a single size, when you rent a storage container, you’ll be able to choose from containers in an assortment of sizes, so you’ll always have access to just the right amount of storage space. 

  • Cost savings. Renting a storage container is a whole lot more cost-effective than purchasing your own unit. If you know you’re only going to need storage for a limited amount of time, rather than making a long-term investment, paying for the time you need the storage container is much smarter, financially speaking. Add in the fact that you won’t have to rent or purchase the space to accommodate the unit, and there won’t be any maintenance fees to worry about, and renting a storage unit is much more affordable than purchasing one. 

  • Convenience. Lastly, renting a storage container is super-convenient. For example, if you have an upcoming project or if you’re moving and you only need temporary storage, renting a unit is much more convenient than purchasing one? Why? Well, because you can choose an appropriately sized container and the unit will be placed in a convenient, easy to access location. Sure, you could rent a unit at a storage facility, but driving back and forth from a facility that is situated miles away from your property or the job site you’re working on is a major hassle. When you rent a unit, you can keep it in a safe, secure, easy to access location that is within arm’s reach of where you need it.

For Reliable Storage Container Rental Services, Contact LDR Site Services!

Whether you have an upcoming project, you’re moving, or you’re just doing a major cleaning; whatever the case may be, if you’re in need of reliable, efficient, convenient, and affordable storage container rental services anywhere in the United States, contact LDR Site Services today!


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