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Are you planning an event? Maybe you’re a logistics manager looking into equipping a job site? What are you going to do for your ablution facilities? Renting a porta potty takes care of your event sanitations.

How much does a porta potty rental cost? This brief guide gives you everything you need to know about planning your porta potty budget.

Determining What Type of Porta Potty You Need

When planning the vent details, it’s important to settle on the right porta potty configuration to suit your needs. Here are the three most popular types of porta potties.

Standard Portable Toilet Units

A standard porta potty is the best option for large events like concerts, and they are also suitable for construction sites and other outdoor applications where you need ablution facilities.

Typically, you pay between $155 to $230 per week to rent this unit, depending on the volume you order.

ADA and Wheelchair Accessible Units

If you’re hosting events, it’s a good idea to include an ADA and wheelchair-accessible model in your facilities to meet regulatory standards. A handicap-accessible porta potty comes with a ramp and additional room to fit a wheelchair. The mode also features handrails to help the individual move around inside the unit.

The average weekly rental cost of an ADA handicap-accessible porta potty is between $190 to $260, depending on the number of units ordered.

Deluxe Portable Toilets and Fancier Options

If you’re looking for porta potty options for movie sets, going with an executive porta potty is a great option. These models come with additional luxury features, such as flushing toilets, sinks, running water, soap and paper towel dispensers, and other conveniences. Some models even come with granite countertops and vanity mirrors.

The average weekly rental cost of a deluxe model can cost between $350 to $650, depending on the finishes, fittings, and the number of units ordered.

Determining How Many Porta Potty Rentals You Need

So, how do you calculate the number of porta potty’s you need for your event? The size of the crowd determines the number of units required in your order.

Typically, construction sites require one porta potty unit for every ten workers.

For events, recommendations suggest you’ll need two porta potty units if you’re hosting an eight-hour event with 50 attendees or less.

If you’re hosting a large event with 10,000 attendees, you may need up to 72 units to account for the ablution requirements of the crowd.

Therefore, based on these guidelines, we can estimate you’ll need a minimum of one unit for every 50 people in attendance.

How Much Portable Toilet Servicing Costs

Some events only last a day or a weekend, while others last for weeks on end. Fortunately, porta-potty costs are significantly more affordable if you take a long-term contract of a week or more.

Prices between service providers vary widely, with a single standard unit costing anywhere between $175 to $500 per month.

Several variables account for the cost of your rental, including the location of your event, delivery of the porta potty’s, and servicing charges for maintaining the unit.

If you’re running an event that is several days long, you’re going to need to arrange a servicing schedule. Typically, you can expect to pay between $75 to $100 per month for a standard unit with a weekly cleaning service.

You’ll pay around $100 to $125 per month for an ADA-approved handicap-accessible unit with cleaning services and $50 to $80 per unit for a special event held over a weekend, including servicing costs.

Finding a Porta Potty Rental Near Me

If you want to find a porta-potty service near you, search for providers online. It’s important to note that companies will issue pricing based on your job site or event location and the distance from the provider’s premises.

Typically, providers will have to add costs to your contract if delivery to your location is outside a 15-mile radius from the provider’s offices.

The location itself affects the pricing, with populated upper-class areas adding to the costs of your rental contract. The setup and delivery costs of your porta potty rental come included in the price, and you won’t have to pay an additional fee for the service.

The porta potty service provider will also include the costs of pickup and site cleanup in your rental fees.

Being Compliant and Up to Code

The porta potty provider and the renter must adhere to the American National Standards Institute and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration standards. Each organization sets out regulatory guidelines for porta potty facilities used on construction and demolition sites.

Both regulatory bodies require employers to offer employees adequate access to restroom facilities on-site. The ANSI rules regarding porta potty’s on job sites are more stringent, calling for at least one seated toilet and urinal for every ten employees working on a 40-hour shift.

The rules also state the employer must provide one additional unit for every 10-workers. If you have your porta potty serviced more than once a week, you can drop the required figure to one unit for every 15-employees.

The OSHA job-site regulations regarding porta potties are somewhat laxer than the ADA regulations. According to OSHA, employers only need one unit per 15-employees. You’ll need to add an additional unit for every 20-employees over this threshold.

Therefore, if you have up to 150-employees on your team, you’ll need at least six units, with an additional porta potty for every 40 employees over this figure.

If you’re having trouble assessing the right number of units for your event or job site, your provider will have the correct information on hand when you make your inquiry.

Availability and Seasonality of Porta John Rentals

Porta potties are available for hire year-round in all seasons. However, you might experience additional costs if you need a unit in an area of the country that experiences severe cold weather.

The service provider will need to ensure the liquids in the holding tank don’t freeze, and they may need to salt the area to prepare for installation and collection of the units.

Typically, the summer season is more popular for events. Therefore, you’ll need to take that into account when booking your service. We recommend booking your porta potty at least a month in advance for summer events.

Pairing Your Portable Restroom with Other Products

Porta potty’s also come with a variety of additional extras if you need them for your site. Some of the optional extras included in porta potty setups are the following.

  • Washbasins and hot water sinks

  • Heaters

  • Misting fans

  • Hand sanitizer stations

  • Mirrors

Some luxury units come with showers, elevator units for high-rise construction, and eco-friendly options with porta-potty valets.

Working with LDR for Your Portable Restroom Rental Needs

LDR is your top choice for porta potty rental anywhere in the United States. LDR operates nationwide, with a 24-hour customer service line available seven days a week.

With LDR porta potty rental, you get emergency site response, as well as timeous delivery to your site and consolidated invoicing.

Contact LDR and speak to an agent to book your service today. Alternatively, you can book your porta potty rental directly through the company website.


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