5 Temporary Site Services You Need When Disaster Strikes

Extreme weather events are on the rise — and every community needs to have an emergency preparedness plan in place in the event that an act of nature does strike. 

While every disaster is unique, and you may not know whether you are preparing for a wildfire, earthquake, hurricane, tornado, serious flood, or even a more localized disaster like a sinkhole or a large-scale accident, you can always count on the presence of universal human needs. Every large-scale site that needs to be evacuated leaves a wave of humans who need basic services in its wake. 

By knowing where to turn well before disaster ever strikes, you will ensure that you can meet your community’s needs without the additional stress of scrambling for facilities. What temporary site services are essential after a disaster? Here is a look at the top 5 temporary site services you will need to have access to the moment the need arises. 

  1. Portable Toilets
  2. Portable Handwashing Sations
  3. Portable Showers
  4. Roll-off Dumpsters
  5. Temporary Fencing

1. Portable Toilets

Nature will continue to call after disaster strikes, and you will want to prepare for that adequately by providing access to portable toilets at all times. Porta potties are the most common type of portable toilet, and to serve the needs of a community that was recently struck by disaster, it is optimal to install at least one porta-potty forever 10 people. 

These porta potties will also need to be serviced regularly — in other words, they need to be cleaned and, where relevant, fixed. Your service needs will depend on the number of people who use the facilities, as well as how long they will need portable toilets. A reputable porta potty rental company can advise you and cater to your precise needs. 

2. Portable Hand Washing Stations

If you have ever used the hand sanitizer that is typically provided within a porta potty, you will know that it isn’t always enough. To wash dirt and grime off your hands, especially after a disaster, you need access to running water and soap. 

Portable handwashing stations can be the perfect solution. Today, portable hand washing stations can provide access not only to cold water but also to warm running water. In addition, handwashing stations should offer single-use paper towels or hand dryers. 

How many handwashing stations do you need? One hand washing station for every 20 people is generally sufficient, and you will want to add some hand sanitizing stations as well.

3. Portable Showers

Shower trailers have long been a feature at most construction sites, and they will be critical after a disaster, as well. Especially when people have lost their homes or are temporarily unable to access them, they will greatly appreciate being offered a safe space to clean up. 

4. Dumpsters

Cleaning up after an act of nature is a monumental effort. After a disaster, any community will find itself combating significant amounts of contaminated trash and debris. Dumpster rental can play an integral part in making the cleanup effort easier, faster, and safer. 

By renting convenient roll-off dumpsters — which are available in a variety of sizes, and generally each able to accommodate up to four tons of garbage and debris — you won’t just have a place to safely discard your trash, either. Dumpster rental companies take your garbage away and dispose of it safely, so you will have one less thing to worry about. 

When a dumpster reaches capacity, your dumpster rental company can quickly replace it with a new one. Because disposing of trash plays a critical role in preventing the spread of infection as well as allowing communities to begin rebuilding more quickly, it’s important to always know where you can rent dumpsters within 24 hours.

5. Temporary Fencing

Whether you want to keep out unwanted visitors after a natural disaster, or to fence unsafe areas so that members of the community do not find themselves in any more danger, temporary fencing is nearly always in demand after a disaster. 

Because improperly erected temporary fences and barricades can pose as much of a danger as the area you are trying to keep people out of, it is crucial to have temporary fencing installed by professionals. 

How to Prepare for Disaster

You never know what’s around the corner. Whether you are a public employee or a manager on a construction site, you know that it is always possible for a disaster to unexpectedly and suddenly interrupt your entire community, leaving people temporarily displaced and creating the need for temporary site services. 

LDR Site Services is a nationwide managed site services company that can provide you with all the facilities you need after an act of nature at short notice. Because we work with local suppliers across the country, we can offer you the competitive rates you need within the blink of an eye. 

You don’t need temporary site services now — and you hope you never will. Should you find yourself in a situation where you quickly need to accommodate an entire community’s needs, however, we are here to help.

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